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The Wedding Minister Of New Hampshire, LLC

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Phone: 603 924 9645

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Services Provided: Officiants

Areas Served: Merrimack Valley, Monadnock Region, Seacoast, White Mountains

Experience and a caring attitude are essential elements to look for in choosing an officiant for your wedding. Possessing both these elements, I can make your religious or non-religious wedding one that will be a cherished part of your memories.

I have experience with large and extravagant, small and simple or intimate elopement weddings. I would consider it a privilege to officiate your marriage ceremony in the Southern half of New Hampshire or the Northern part of Massachusetts in a manner that demonstrates the love you and your betrothed feel for each other.

Many officiants won't disclose their fees up front, preferring instead to make you spend a lot of your time traveling to and consulting with them before they quote you a price. With so much time invested, they hope you'll be resigned to paying their inflated fees. I disclose my discounted fees up front: Full-wedding civil or religious ceremonies, of your choice, are only $250.00 + $0.40 per mile travel reimbursement. My appearance at your wedding rehearsal is only an additional $50.00 + $0.40 per mile travel reimbursement.

For only $100.00, I will officiate your quick, small, no-rehearsal, "Elopement" wedding at my residence in beautiful Peterborough, New Hampshire (amazingly, other officiants charge $250 & more for this service) or anywhere else in within a ten mile radius of Peterborough (add $0.50 per mile travel reimbursement beyond 10 miles). If you're elopement wedding occurs at my residence, I'll ring my two large wedding bells, to signal the town about your new life together as man and wife. I'll even send you photos of your wedding via email!

A $50.00 non-refundable deposit will reserve me for your wedding date. Elopement weddings only require a $25 deposit if they are beyond a 10 mile radius of my home.

I would love to meet with you to show you the many different ceremony options available to you (non-elopement weddings only). Our meeting will result in your having the custom ceremony that perfectly shows the love you have for each other. After our meeting, I'll email/mail you a copy of your ceremony so you'll know exactly how your wedding ceremony will transpire.

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