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The Glynn House Inn

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59 Highland Street, Ashland, NH, 03217
Phone: 603 968 3775, 866 686 4362

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Services Provided: Hotels

Areas Served: Lakes Region, Merrimack Valley

A Picture Perfect Romantic Setting
Do you want a private, peaceful, romantic getaway? Do you want to celebrate your love? Are you looking for a picture perfect backdrop to set the scene? Would spectacular snow covered mountains and tranquil lakes help set the mood? Can you imagine walking historic homes, which line tree lined streets? Does a candle lit restaurant with gourmet cuisine and fine wines sound like the ideal setting for a romantic dinner for two?

Would the two of you enjoy the refined luxury of a meticulously restored Victorian home? Can you imagine staying in an elegantly furnished suite, sitting in a gently bubbling whirlpool bath with a cozy, romantic fireplace providing the perfect added touch?

You can stop agonizing about where to find a private, peaceful romantic getaway, one providing the perfect romantic mood. At The Glynn House Inn, you'll be pampered. You'll receive personalized help to address all those oh so important details. You'll indulge, relax, unwind, explore and rejuvenate.

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