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39 FREETOWN RD #10, RAYMOND, NH, 03077
Phone: 603-244-1650

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Services Provided: Aesthetic Skin Care, Salon Services

Areas Served: Merrimack Valley, Seacoast

Your wedding is a special day. We know that how you will look is very important to you. We also know how much you spend out of your wedding budget is important.

It will be your day to celebrate with your friends and family. Everyone you love will be there AND they will be waiting to see you arrive in your gorgeous dress. People will be taking pictures and perhaps even videos. These pictures will be forever keepsakes and reminders of your special day. You will want to look the best you can. That is where we come in...B*G*MAKEOVERS has years of experience with special occasion makeup.

The owner ( Licensed Esthetician,Certified IPL Technician with training in Medical Esthetics) of B*G*MAKEOVERS has years of experience in Skin Care & Makeup AND the Bridal industry. She has helped hundreds of girls pick their gowns and accessories, assisting with fittings, and even today, helps brides get dressed on their wedding day. Weddings and special occasion makeup is our specialty. Visit our website today for more information. We are confident that you will like our prices and be happy with the options we have for you. You can schedule your free trial run by visiting us and clicking the "Book Now" button.

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