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Wedding Favors Brides Love

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New Hampshire Wedding Articles » Wedding Ideas

Hey brides! Have you given much thought to what type of wedding favors you will have at your wedding. Some wedding favors are truly more favored by brides than others. They are real crowd-pleasers and everyone seems to enjoy them at every wedding. Brides really want a wedding favor that their guests will be happy to receive. There are lots of wedding favor ideas available. Knowing which ones other brides love may help you decide which ones would be the best for you to select for your wedding.

Chocolate truffles are a very popular wedding favor. A small box of chocolate truffles makes a yummy wedding favor. These wedding favors will be gone so quickly. Who doesn’t love chocolate? Most people do. If they don’t, they can always give the box to someone else at the wedding, or bring the box home for someone else to enjoy. Typically a small chocolate truffle box has like four chocolate truffles in it. It is just enough to be a sweet little snack. It is exactly the type of thing that makes a wedding guest smile.

A silver picture frame is also a popular wedding favor. Picture frames in general are very popular wedding favors. Remember at every wedding – doesn’t every guest have their camera? So they are ready to take your picture. Everyone wants to have their picture taken with the bride and the groom. A picture frame lets them put this picture into their own frame as a lovely wedding favor keepsake. This is a great way for any wedding guest to remember your wedding. There are so many different types of picture frames available – you don’t have to pick silver unless you like that style. Silver is popular because it is a real classic and it goes with so many types of home décor easily.

Candles are also great wedding favor. A very popular candle wedding favor is the personalized votive. It has a glass votive that holds a small candle. The glass votive holder has the bride and the groom’s name and the date of the wedding. Wedding guests can light the candle and enjoy its beautiful glow. Crafty brides can even make their own wedding candle favors if they choose to. There are many different types of candle favors.

Wedding favors are popular with guests and with the bridal party. Everyone loves a great wedding favor. Wedding favors are a great way to say thank you to your guests for coming to your very special event.

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