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Involving Your Pets In Your Wedding Ceremony

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If you are a big animal lover and are getting married, you may have considered how to include your pets in your ceremony. This has become more and more popular over the years. Pets are our constant companions, our special friends. There are many who consider their pets to be the ones in their lives that really understand and love them the most. So it makes complete sense that they would want them involved in their wedding ceremony. Whether you have a parrot, cat or a dog – your pet can easily be involved in your wedding ceremony in a special way.

When thinking about involving your pet in the wedding ceremony first check with the location and check to see if animals are permitted. Not every location will allow animals. If having your pet at your wedding ceremony is critical to you then you may consider changing the location of the wedding ceremony. There are always alternatives to think of when adding your pet to your ceremony.

Once you have found a location that will let you have pets at the location then you need to think of how you would like your pet involved. Think of your pet’s temperament. Is your pet gentle? Are they outgoing? Will they need to be on a leash or can they be independent? You will want your pet to be comfortable and also your wedding guests to be comfortable. There are many ways for your pet to be involved in the ceremony. Your pet can walk down the aisle with your family and friends. They can stand up there with your attendants. Many brides and grooms have liked to put a garland of flowers around their dog or cat’s neck. This is a nice thing to do with your pet at your wedding.

Your pet may not completely understand what your wedding is. But your pet will pick up that it is a very happy day and an emotional day. They already know how important your fiancé is to you. Including your pet in this day will also show how important your pet is to you. Your pet will feel even closer to you by being included in this day with you. Most likely your pet will also charm your guests by them simply being there. It is wonderful to include your pet in the ceremony. They will be so happy to be at your wedding.

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